Enrollment and Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria

1. Students attend grades 2nd through 5th. This is for the grade level in the fall semester / new school year.

2. Students and families live in Washtenaw County.

3. Priority is given to families with household income below 75% of the median in Washtenaw County.

This automatically includes anyone who qualifies for Free & Reduced School Lunch.

4. Students can be referred by school staff, families, or others.

5. Based on assessment testing it is determined if the student is reading one or more grades below expected grade level.

The assessment testing happens only in the fall and winter semesters. Our philosophy is that we do not only enroll the student, but we also enroll the entire family. Therefore, each family is expected to read at home. Please encourage your student to take responsibility for their own learning. Families agree to commit to adhering to FLI attendance policy. Tutoring works most effectively when the student attends regularly.


FLI is now offering on-line Literacy Lessons.

Applications are available on this website or via email. It is important to make sure the applications are complete.

Please contact FLI – info@familylearninginstitute.org or 734-995-6816.