1. Family and teacher submit their applications. FLI determines whether student is eligible.

2. FLI notifies family of eligibility. If accepted, the student's family is invited to a New Family Orientation at FLI.

3. FLI tests student (Qualitative Reading Inventory [QRI] for reading, sample of math questions from the Michigan Educational Assessment Program [MEAP] for math) to verify he/she is performing below expected grade level. (Student may begin attending before the test is scored, as soon as they can be paired with a Reading or Math Tutor.)

4. If a student's schedule does not match our current openings, or if there are no openings, the student's name is placed on a waiting list. When an opening becomes available, the next student on the waiting list is invited to enter.

For more information, please contact FLI at 995-6816
or info@familylearninginstitute.org

Eligibility Criteria

Parents Download Application Here:
PDF or MS Word
Teachers Download Application Here:
PDF or MS Word

About 80% of FLI students are referred by their schools. Typically, the teacher approaches the parents about the student’s needs and eligibility. This does not mean students have to be referred by their schools; families are welcome to apply without a referral.

Either way, prior to enrollment we require two applications: one filled out by the family, one filled out by the teacher (download both below). Applications are also available at FLI and most AAPS elementary schools, or may be mailed upon request. It is important to make sure the applications are completely filled out.

FLI uses rolling admissions, which means applications are accepted year-round. However, students are encouraged to enroll at the beginning of a semester to get the most out of FLI.

1. Student attends 2nd-5th grade.

2. Student and family live in Washtenaw County.

3. Student is reading or performing in math one or more grades below expected grade level (grades 3-5 for reading, 2-5 for math).

4. Family’s household income is below 75% of the median in Washtenaw County (this automatically includes anyone who qualifies for Free & Reduced School Lunch). To determine the income limit for your family, find the total number of people living in your household (including the student) in the table below:

2 persons - $51,550
3 persons - $58,000
4 persons - $64,400
5 persons - $69,600
6 persons - $74,750
7 persons - $79.900
8 persons - $85,050

Our philosophy is that we do not only enroll the student, we enroll the entire family. Therefore, each 
family is expected to read at home regularly, adhere 
to our attendance policy, encourage their child to take responsibility for their own learning, support their child's efforts, and monitor and discuss home reading. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please complete and mail to FLI at 1954 S. Industrial Hwy, Suite D, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, or email it to amy@familylearninginstitute.org