Reading Program

FLI’s core literacy program focuses on reading, speaking, comprehension, and classroom participation skills. Typically, the first part of each session is spent engaging in one-on-one tutoring with a trained adult volunteer “coach”. Coaches partner with their students using a variety of literature from guided reading books, poetry, plays, short stories, and short reading passages. Phonics and sight word-based games are also utilized. The second part, led by FLI teachers, is group work devoted to homework help.

Outreach Summer Program

FLI does reading Outreach during the school year at Youth and Family Services and Parkridge Community Center in Ypsilanti. Our Summer Outreach Program is a collaboration with Washtenaw County Parks and Rec and takes place at Sugar Brook, Superior, and West Willow. Starting in October, FLI will be tutoring students at the local school level. The Outreach programs allow FLI to better engage with the community and overcome barriers to getting to our main sites such as transportation and space limitations.