Including a typical tutoring session at FLI.:
Take a look inside the FLI...
Charmin Archer, Acting Executive Director
Daniel Rubenstein, Development Director
Christy Martin, Social Worker
JoEllen Mogelgaard, Reading Specialist
Charmin Archer, Writing Workshop Teacher

Gary Maynard,
Math Program Manager
Mary Maynard, Finance Assistant
Larry Krueger, Technology Manager
Jennifer Melchi, Graphic Designer
Administrative Volunteers
Karen Chapell, Retirement Income Solutions
Brandy J. Ellison, University of Notre Dame
Jamie Guise, United Bank & Trust
Jeffery D. Harrold (Chair), University of Michigan
Anna F. Jilek, Deloitte, CPA
Gary D. Maynard, M.D., retired physician
Jennifer Melchi, Jennifer Melchi Design Co
Fred Rickelmann, Ivers, Ricklemann & Petersen, CPAs
Cheryl S. Taylor, Washtenaw Intermediate School District
Jean Waltman, Center for the Education of Women, University of Michigan
Board of Directors
The Family Learning Institute (FLI) was created in response to the 1998 Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) statewide, standardized test. 35% of 4th graders had scored below grade level in reading; among African Americans, 71% did. Concerned citizens formed the Community Academic Success Team (CAST) to support The Ann Arbor Achievement Initiative..... read more
History of Family Learning Institute
What We Do:

The Family Learning Institute's core program provides free, one-on-one literacy and math tutoring to Washtenaw County 2nd-5th grade students from low-income households. Sessions take place after school and away from school to provide a safe, private environment where children can learn. FLI offers:
  • Intake assessments to measure each child's baseline performance and identify the skills they should work on
  • Individualized lesson plans for each child based on their intake assessment
  • Adult volunteer tutors ("coaches") who are paired with an individual student and trained by our professional teachers to deliver that student's lesson plan – a one-on-one teaching and mentoring relationship
  • Private tutoring rooms to protect privacy and eliminate embarrassment
  • Group writing and discussion sessions to foster writing and analytical skills, self-confidence, and classroom participation
  • Follow-up testing to chart progress and refine lesson plans
  • A lending library tailored to students' interests and reading levels
  • A book giveaway program, to build each student's home library and foster reading at home
  • Summer programs to prevent summer learning loss ("backsliding") and prepare 6th graders for the rigors of middle school.

JoEllen Mogelgaard, Emalee Maus, Charmin Archer, Hillary Baldwin,
Gary Maynard, Daniel Rubenstein, Larry Krueger